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Crunchy on the Outside – Seed pods

Seed Pods are pods that some plants have, which give birth to seeds for future generations. They are usually spikey and hard to get into, allowing the seeds to mature until they are used for reproduction.

This was actually made with economics. One economist was saying for a successful country it is very important to have crunchy difficult to cross borders and soft easily crossed inner terrain. Such geography helps develop inside, while protecting the country from outside threats. 

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Be Anything: Series 1

This series of pieces explored the necessity of flux and change in order to grow into something new and different. 

The first uses gold to display stability. The second eggs shows the flux that is required to change and move. The third is the new form that is achieved through experimentations and experience. 

It can be interpreted that flux and experimentation sometimes leading into a more defensive and aggressive form. Because often the world doesn’t quite agree with the desire of the individual, but that’s okay, just try again. Repition is key here. 

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What is Art to me?

For most of my life I’ve been a commercial artist, i made things that help other people sell other things. So more like an art prostitute really. I’m using this opportunity that is provided by the Crypto art space to create something that can not be used to sell anything else except itself. My goal is to make things that look cool on your wall, but can’t be used to sell sneakers. 

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A New work to celebrate my first Crypto Art sale!


Be Anything: Series 0

My First purely for crypto art scene work. It consisted of a plain white, clay like Egg with genitals of both genders, and 2 metallic color variations. 

Be anything you want to be, explore the possibilities. Don’t settle for old professions, for classical relationship models, experiment, don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do. Every great person at some point was told that they can’t do something. And then they went and proved everyone wrong. 

Was pretty excited to get into this space and start experimenting.

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Crypto Art

To verify ownership, my wallet address:  0xc8ecdb7ac2127852d12243439fa07966726d5694 

Egg One – token

Egg Two – token

Egg Three – token

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